Surprise Proposal Shoot - Even For Me!


Engagement shoots are always fun, and mostly because you are able to create images that reflect the relationship between two people. I usually help prepare my clients with clothing options, location options (something that is meaningful to them), and we usually coordinate the entire shoot. Of course, I always give lee way because I know as a photographer not everything can be perfect, but most of our shoot is planned, even with a plan B!

Alisha came to me in the fall time with the idea of a couples shoot with her and her boyfriend, Aaron. I thought the idea was fantastic, as fall time is usually a great time for photographs, especially in Rochester, New York. She came back to me a few weeks later stating that her boyfriend wanted to wait until winter to take photographs, which Alisha thought was odd, but we waited! 

I had a small feeling that I should prepare more than normal for this shoot, because first off I knew Alisha and Aaron's anniversary was on Christmas Eve, and Aaron wanted to shoot on exactly that day....which also happens to be my birthday, but who could say no to a possible surprise engagement shoot?

I had NO idea if it was going to happen or not, but I was prepared and brought my second DSLR and wore them both like a backpack so I could be prepared for every angle. We started our photo shoot at the Eastman School of Music  in Rochester, New York, and carried over next door to Java's Cafe on Gibbs street. Java's cafe is where Alisha and Aaron met for the first time (as a blind date, how awesome!!) and it was kind of history from there. So I'm happy I was able to position them in front of Java's while Aaron proposed to one of my best friends right in front of my eyes! Yes - Even I was surprised!! I don't think I've ever shot photographs that fast in my entire life. 

After we all stared in awe- we moved onto our next location, Cobbs Hill, in Rochester, New York. The images and poses came naturally for them. I'm so honored I was able to photograph something so special for my friends, and experience that on my birthday! It was completely heart-warming. 

Here are the images (not in order) from our shoot, and be prepared to see these cuties more in 2018 when I photograph their wedding at the Arbor Loft!