Schoen Place Pittsford, NY Senior Photographs : Alyssa

Schoen Place Pittsford, NY Senior Photographs : Alyssa

I am so excited to share these images because Alyssa is great! We had to reschedule our original photoshoot to a hot sunny day in August but that didn't even seem to bother her!

Sally Ebeling | Class of 2016

I.LOVE.senior.season! Sally is so laid-back and sooooo photogenic. Do you see that hair? Amazing. She's graduating with my sister this year in Rochester, New York. (representin' the good HF-L) and I'm appalled. I feel like they just entered the high school! 

We started the shoot walking around Pittsford, NY, near the canal. It was a perfect day outside, and I'm not just saying that. She had a perfect cloudy-but still sunny day! I brought my sister Taylor to help with lighting, which wasn't needed that much, but mostly just to make Sally laugh. After, we drove over to the cutest barn in Henrietta, New York which just happened to have a great field next to it.

Sally, I wish you so much luck in your future endeavors. Thanks for being so awesome!

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