We are now accepting 2020 & 2021 couples!

Rochester, ny Wedding Videographer

Surprise! My husband Adam has been a videographer for several years doing commercial work and freelance editing and we decided it's finally time we start offering his services to my wedding clients. We already know we work amazing together as he second shoots for me all the time, and I'm finding more and more clients turning to me for advice on a wedding videographer!

Once you pick a photographer for your wedding *aka me!!*, it almost feels like you have to start the process all over again for a videographer... reviewing work, reading reviews, making sure their personality clicks with yours, etc. We want to make that process simple for you.

Starting now, Adam is accepting 2020 and 2021 Rochester, NY weddings! I'm sure you have a ton of questions but before we get into that- let's look at his most recent wedding he filmed below.


An example of a wedding highlight film.

Wasn't that amazing? We're sure you have questions and we want to make this process as simple as possible so we listed what we believe will be frequently asked questions below.

What do Adam's services begin at and what's included?
Adam's services begin at $2,489. That includes 8 hours of videographic coverage with Adam as your main videographer. Professional audio and editing is included and a 3-5 minute highlight film of your entire day (example shown above).

We have a second photographer included with our photography package, who will be the second shooter if we hire Adam as our videographer?
Great question! If you hire Adam as your videographer, I work with several photographers in the area that I trust. You definitely do not need to worry about your second photogapher. I have that covered.

What if we want all of our major wedding moments filmed in entirety on top of receiving the highlight film?
We believe this is IMPORTANT. We call this add on a "Major Moments Cut". This includes every major moment of your wedding day filmed in entirety with professional audio and editing from still cameras (ceremony, first look, first dance, intros, etc). It’s not flashy like your highlight film but it’s important. This means you can watch your entire ceremony in full on your anniversary! How special is that?

Are there different add ons we can add to Adam’s base package?
Yes! After the base package there are some fun add ons you can add on. Clients spend $3000 on average for video.

Is there a discount if we book both you and your husband?
Yes! Inquire with us to find out what we can offer you together!

Major moments edit below

Click the image for an example of the Major Moments Edit!

Click the image for an example of the Major Moments Edit!


Rochester, NY wedding videographer and filmmaker. Filming weddings in the western, NY area.