4 Reasons to NOT do a photo session with your best friend.

1. You’ll always want to make the photos your profile picture on every social media because they are just so dang cute, but does everyone else think so? (ugh, who cares what they think!!!)

2. You’ll print out 8 different photographs and have a hard time figuring out a balance of having family photos vs your best friend photos on your wall.

3. You’ll get emotional at night when you realize how far away she actually lives from you now.

4. You’ll be sad when you see them, but you’ll be GRATEFUL.

Making Lizz do this last minute photo shoot in front of a weird punchy wall in Rochester, New York was one of the best last minute photo shoots I’ve ever done. Yeah, maybe I’m reminded how much I miss her everyday when I see that photograph on my fridge, and that photograph on my side table but I’m so incredibly grateful to have the memories. Photo shoots are not only fun but once printed, they can be a physical record of your life on this planet. I cherish printed photographs, and you should too! These will be images you can pass down to your children, and they can pass down to their children. Nothing makes me happier than looking at vintage photographs of my grandmother, and I know one day that’ll be me in the photographs and new little hands looking at it.

So, just do it. Do the photo shoot with your family, have that last minute photo session with your best friend(s), and please print your photographs! You will not regret it.