WE'RE MARRIED!!!! - Durand Eastman Clubhouse Wedding - Rochester, NY

I can’t even believe I am writing my own wedding day blog post? I don’t even know where to begin. I remember this time last year I was trying on wedding dresses and going to sample sales at local boutiques and I thought to wait a year for my wedding was SO long. In reality- it wasn’t long at all, and I can’t believe “my fiance” turned into “my husband” so fast!

We started off the morning at Blush Beauty Bar and completely took over the space. Claire’s salon is SO cute, and everyone there is awesome at what they do. We drank mimosas and chilled in our cute pink robes all morning. You’ll see below that the guys had a great time….just passing around a bottle of Whiskey. Oh boy. I love how much easier guys always have it! Adam opened his gift from me which you’ll see featured throughout the entire day. Those jackets took me forever, but I’m impressed with how they came out! Anxiety started to fill me as our first look was getting closer. It was a strange feeling because time felt like it was moving really fast, and really slow but I didn’t want to wait anymore, I just wanted to be with Adam. One of the main reasons I love first looks is because it helps nerves tremendously. I started to feel sick to my stomach but once I was with Adam, all was right and I felt so much better. Now that the wedding day is over and I’ve experienced a first look myself, I can honestly say first looks are 100% the best feeling EVER. I felt more at ease, I got to spend MORE time with the person I love (the reason we are doing this dang thing anyways!!), and it added more time to my day.

After the first look, we went right into portraits. I think all in all we had about an hour and a half blocked for portraits but this time was such a blur to me haha! We moved quickly (which I’m thankful for) and laughed.

Then comes the ceremony. This part of the day I remember the most, which I’m so thankful for. It’s typical for couples not to remember much after their wedding (yes, even without drinking) because the day goes by so fast and everything is a blur. We had one of our good friends Joe Percy sing during our ceremony. He sang “I’m still into you” by Paramore but slowed it down and it was perfect. We wrote our own vows and you’ll see in the video - I could NOT keep it together. You guys, my knees were smacking under my dress because I was so nervous. Thank god you can’t tell! Adam lightened up the mood with quotes from The Princess Bride and Friends. A lot of people said this saved them from bursting into tears.

The rest of the day you guys - was SUCH a blur. Cocktail hour was non-existent in my eyes because I was saying hello to everyone and then before you know it, I was crying at my sister’s speech during dinner. My sister and Jaclyn had such beautiful speeches. As a wedding photographer, I always get emotional during speeches, even though I barely know the people giving them. I just think they are so special. The night ended with dancing and of course sunset portraits.

I wish I could re-cap this day better, but it’s so hard to put into words. Our wedding party was amazing. My girls did so much for me, and I’ll be forever thankful. My mother was amazing from making the rehearsal dinner food, to cleaning up our entire wedding afterwards. Our vendors were AMAZING. I can’t say enough great things about Sarkis Catering. They were so attentive to every detail, and everyone loved the food.

And of course my photographer, Jenny and videographer James. If it wasn’t for them- we wouldn’t remember half as much as we do right now. No one talks about wedding blues, but I cried for a week straight after my wedding because I felt like I didn’t remember a single thing and I couldn’t believe the day I was waiting for my entire life was OVER. I kept thinking “I wish we did this, and I wish we did that” but that was just my anxiety talking. We couldn’t of hired a better team to capture our day if we tried. They were 100 percent the best investment E V E R. It was a perfect day and we had so much fun. Now we’re onto the next big thing in life!

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Venue: Durand Eastman Clubhouse
Photographer: Jenny Berliner Photography
Videographer: Erb Video Productions
Hair & Makeup: Blush Beauty Bar
Flowers: Flowers & Fountains
Wedding Dress: Katherine Patricia
Bridemaids: Dusty Blue at Azazie
Suits: Vittorio Menswear & Tuxedo
Invitation Suit: Designed by me! :)
Catering & Coordination: Sarkis Catering
DJ: Diamond Shamrock Productions
Pastries: Jaime’s Dreams Bakery

Our Amazing Wedding Highlight Video by James Erb!!