Highland Park Winter Engagement Session - Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer - Meg & Thom

Megan & Thom

I AM so excited to share this engagement session on the blog this week! I’ve known Megan for over a decade due to her sister being my best friend! I basically lived with the Fenti family and I didn’t have a big sister to steal clothes from so naturally I stole Megan’s when she wasn’t home (sorry Meg, I know how annoying that was hahaha). Fast forward 11 years and now I’m photographing her engagement session with her amazing fiance Thom.

It’s been such an exciting year for Meg and Thom and it’s been so fun watching their relationship grow! He instantly became a dog dad to Rupert and that’s how you he’s a keeper.

Meg and Thom’s wedding will be the first wedding I attend that I’m not photographing (besides my own!) and I’m so dang excited to celebrate!!

We started off our session at the George Eastman Museum garden which is beautiful even in the winter. After that we drove off to Highland Park in Rochester, NY and it was freezing, but it was worth it. We even found a little pocket of a sunset!! Rare for Rochester- Check it out below!