DIY Backyard Rustic Wedding - Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer - Hannah & Dakota

Hannah & Dakota

DIY Backyard weddings have always been my number one favorite. I’ve always dreamed of doing a giant backyard wedding. We’re not because we don’t know any [sane] people that will let us throw a giant party in the their backyard. Fair enough, but I’ve always loved them.

Hannah and Dakota put so much of their personalities into their day and I’m so happy I was able to capture that for them. A family friend loaned them their camp where they set up a giant white tent and invited almost 200 of their favorite guests to celebrate them. Some people brought their RVs and tents, some even brought their dogs. Which by the way, that was probably my favorite part. Hannah and Dakota allowed their dog to freely roam the premise the entire day so we causally have some nice photos of her running into the ceremony, jumping in the pond, trying to escape family formals. Dogs are the best.

Almost all of the decorations including the bar, signage, cake stands, etc are all hand made by the family!

My favorites of the day? The FLOWERS, and Hannah’s DRESS. You’ll see what I mean below!

Second Photographer: Sara Schwingel
Flowers: Grown by Pittsford Tree & Landscape/Village Garden Store
Cake: Lori’s Luscious Layers
DJ: Torgo Entertainment
Hair and Makeup: Meghan Petti
Wedding: Allure Bridal from The Wedding Dress
Jewelry: The Source Jewelers
Suit: Macy’s
Invitations: Andrea Mast