A Paris Themed Wedding Shower | Rochester, NY

My Own Wedding Shower!

Can you believe it? I can’t believe I’m writing about my own wedding shower. I just want to start off this blog post with a little admiration of my bridal party because they planned this ENTIRE weekend for me. One of my bridesmaid’s family hosted my shower at their house (along with the rest of my bridesmaids) and I’m so incredibly thankful for that. The entire day was planned out perfectly from the decorations, to the food, the desserts, and the games. I’m sure you know that Adam and I were engaged in Paris, France and so this entire shower was themed around that! So cute with all of the Eiffel Towers on the table, french dessert trays (HELLO MACARONS) and cheese platters!

My bridesmaids consist of my best freaking friends and I could cry just thinking about all of the planning they did for that entire weekend. My bachelorette was hosted two days before the shower at a lake house on Conesus, where I accidentally exploded a blackberry margarita upon arrival (whoops), and where we drank and played games all night. Saturday, we took a pole dancing class and I don’t think I’ve ever realized how little upper body strength I have until I took that class. I’ve also never laughed as much as I did that day.

Enjoy these adorable Iphone photos below (no time to take my own professional photos!) and I’ve included some funny & appropriate bachelorette photos below (how come all bachelorette decorations have to be inappropriate? hahaha)

See you all in 38 DAYS.