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Mendon Ponds Park Winter Engagement Session - Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer // Colleen + Chris

Mendon Ponds Park Winter Engagement Session - Rochester, NY Wedding Photographer // Colleen + Chris

You know what I love? Clients who you just click with so well. I’m pretty positive we could all be best friends at this point. Chris proposed to Colleen around the holiday time, and Colleen reached out to me literally two days later on Facebook because she was THAT excited.

Our Engagement Photos & Story (PART 1 OF 3)

Our Engagement Photos & Story (PART 1 OF 3)

JUNE 22ND, 2019 IS APPROACHING WAY FASTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD. Can you believe 8 months ago (almost 9) my fiance proposed to me? He did good you guys. Have you heard the story? I’m sure you have... but let me tell you again :)

Greg & Crystal | Sunsets, Rooftops & Cities

I'll be honest, I have some pretty amazing/beautiful friends. Greg's family has been in my life since around 2005, and Crystal snuck in there just a few years later. I've always been jealous of just how perfect they are (I think you will too after looking at these images) but what I love most about them is how comfortable their relationship is. Greg and Crystal have been together almost ten years this coming June (A DECADE!) but you wouldn't even know it!

The two of them are in-stoppable! They have been each others support system through high school, higher educations, new job changes, and whatever else life throws at them! 

We started our photo shoot at the George Eastman House. Surprisingly this was my first time shooting there! I'm not really sure why I waited so long, because it is breath taking. After frolicking through the gardens, we ended our shoot in downtown Rochester, NY. A fellow photographer friend took my photographs at this location, and I couldn't help but try it on my own. Sunsets, rooftops, and cities are a perfect match if you ask me. 

PS: Crystal is an amazing make-up artist at Scott Miller in Pittsford, NY. You should definitely request her for your make-up needs! 

Meagan and Christopher | A Penfield, NY Engagement Session

So incredibly excited for this wedding coming up this weekend! It was extremely heart-warming to be around a couple who shows so much love for each other.  Not only did we all have fun roaming Corbett's Glen Nature Park, drinking hot chocolate, and dancing in the woods, but it was confusing from time to time being our names were all the same....Meagan and I, and Christopher (the groom) and my assistant for the day, Chris!

A little love story about the two:

Chris and Meagan became friends (as teenagers!) while they were co-workers together at Tom Wahls. This was over 8 years ago! 3 years ago, they decided to re-kindle their friendship, and started dating. Meagan described their first couple of dates to me, which made me chuckle, but also appreciate how nice it is to have these kind of "embarrassing" stories to share with someone.  Chris accepted a job in Florida a year and a half ago, and Meagan was starting her nursing program here in Rochester. This was the ultimate relationship test, but Chris proved his love to Meagan, by proposing! She described it as one of the hardest times in their relationship, but it's something they made happen and work. The couple is happily living in Rochester, New York together now, and we're all going to celebrate their love this Saturday!

The images below are from their engagement shoot, back in November of 2015, crazy how time flies, right? Hopefully no one in Rochester gets upset for me saying this, but doesn't hot chocolate and chilly weather sound so good right now? Maybe I'm alone, but I sure do love these images.


Killer dress, am I right?

Killer dress, am I right?