4 Reasons to NOT do a photo session with your best friend.

1. You’ll always want to make the photos your profile picture on every social media because they are just so dang cute, but does everyone else think so? (ugh, who cares what they think!!!)

2. You’ll print out 8 different photographs and have a hard time figuring out a balance of having family photos vs your best friend photos on your wall.

3. You’ll get emotional at night when you realize how far away she actually lives from you now.

4. You’ll be sad when you see them, but you’ll be GRATEFUL.

Making Lizz do this last minute photo shoot in front of a weird punchy wall in Rochester, New York was one of the best last minute photo shoots I’ve ever done. Yeah, maybe I’m reminded how much I miss her everyday when I see that photograph on my fridge, and that photograph on my side table but I’m so incredibly grateful to have the memories. Photo shoots are not only fun but once printed, they can be a physical record of your life on this planet. I cherish printed photographs, and you should too! These will be images you can pass down to your children, and they can pass down to their children. Nothing makes me happier than looking at vintage photographs of my grandmother, and I know one day that’ll be me in the photographs and new little hands looking at it.

So, just do it. Do the photo shoot with your family, have that last minute photo session with your best friend(s), and please print your photographs! You will not regret it.

Meagan and Christopher | A Penfield, NY Engagement Session

So incredibly excited for this wedding coming up this weekend! It was extremely heart-warming to be around a couple who shows so much love for each other.  Not only did we all have fun roaming Corbett's Glen Nature Park, drinking hot chocolate, and dancing in the woods, but it was confusing from time to time being our names were all the same....Meagan and I, and Christopher (the groom) and my assistant for the day, Chris!

A little love story about the two:

Chris and Meagan became friends (as teenagers!) while they were co-workers together at Tom Wahls. This was over 8 years ago! 3 years ago, they decided to re-kindle their friendship, and started dating. Meagan described their first couple of dates to me, which made me chuckle, but also appreciate how nice it is to have these kind of "embarrassing" stories to share with someone.  Chris accepted a job in Florida a year and a half ago, and Meagan was starting her nursing program here in Rochester. This was the ultimate relationship test, but Chris proved his love to Meagan, by proposing! She described it as one of the hardest times in their relationship, but it's something they made happen and work. The couple is happily living in Rochester, New York together now, and we're all going to celebrate their love this Saturday!

The images below are from their engagement shoot, back in November of 2015, crazy how time flies, right? Hopefully no one in Rochester gets upset for me saying this, but doesn't hot chocolate and chilly weather sound so good right now? Maybe I'm alone, but I sure do love these images.


Killer dress, am I right?

Killer dress, am I right?


Sally Ebeling | Class of 2016

I.LOVE.senior.season! Sally is so laid-back and sooooo photogenic. Do you see that hair? Amazing. She's graduating with my sister this year in Rochester, New York. (representin' the good HF-L) and I'm appalled. I feel like they just entered the high school! 

We started the shoot walking around Pittsford, NY, near the canal. It was a perfect day outside, and I'm not just saying that. She had a perfect cloudy-but still sunny day! I brought my sister Taylor to help with lighting, which wasn't needed that much, but mostly just to make Sally laugh. After, we drove over to the cutest barn in Henrietta, New York which just happened to have a great field next to it.

Sally, I wish you so much luck in your future endeavors. Thanks for being so awesome!

Take a look!