Taylor Himes | Class of 2016

I cannot believe I'm writing this post? MY sister, a SENIOR in high school? Yelling at her for stealing my clothes while I was in high school seems like yesterday. Any who! I'm so excited to be posting these photos. We had so much fun walking around the city, drinking our Starbucks, laughing and snapping away. I wanna thank her for putting up with me these past few years as I grow my photography business. She has always been there for me, including being my assistant at most of my weddings; carrying all of my gear as I run around like a crazy person, reflecting light on my beautiful clients, sweating like a pig with me, and just straight up having a cheerful attitude the whole time. She has no problem bringing me back to reality when I start to get nervous, and that's probably the best thing about her. Not to mention, all of the times I've made her model for me! My mother probably has more photos of Taylor than any of us because I'm always making her model for me as I grow my portfolio.

I cannot wait to see where she goes with her career. I've never been more proud of how far she has come, and even though she has no idea where she wants to go in life, I know she'll make the right decision. Come to the photography side Taylor! I know you love it! :)